Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is much better. Since technology cannot advance as fast as makers are bringing new versions of their phones, this formula has been used for years. However, the new Z Flip4 isn’t likely to make many Z Flip3 owners upgrade, but it adds enough … Read more

Samsung Odyssey Ark is finally available

Odyssey Ark: Samsung’s surprising 55-inch 4K monitor for gamers Samsung Odyssey Ark is now available for pre-order. There is a small bonus at stake when you reserve this PC screen with the dimensions of a smart TV, which will be delivered at the beginning of September. Samsung Odyssey Ark is finally available for pre-order with … Read more

Richard Mille RM UP-01: World’s thinnest watch, buying a bank account will be empty

Highlights Richard Mille introduced the world’s thinnest watch. Its price is more than $ 1,888,000 i.e. Rs 14 crore. The thickness of the watch is only 1.75 mm. New Delhi. Richard Mille, known for innovating with cutting-edge materials in his sports watches, launched the world’s thinnest watch last week. Some of these have been endorsed … Read more

Google Search brought a new feature, information about celebrities will be available in a new way

Highlights Google Search has brought a new feature. This feature has started for select users. Roll out will happen soon for the rest. New Delhi. Google is bringing a new feature to its search engine. With the arrival of this feature, the way of searching celebrities on the platform will completely change. Currently, this feature … Read more

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