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Thursday Night Football (frequently known as TNF) is the marking utilized for broadcasts of Public Football League (NFL) games that broadcast principally on Thursday evenings. The majority of the games start off at 8:15 Eastern Time (8:20 before 2022).

Before, games in the bundle likewise air periodically on Saturdays in the later piece of the time, as well as select games from the NFL Global Series (these games were marked beginning around 2017 as NFL Organization Extraordinary).

Appearing on November 23, 2006, the broadcasts were initially important for NFL Organization’s Hurried to the End of the season games bundle, which comprised of eight all out games broadcast on Thursday and Saturday evenings (five on Thursdays, and three on Saturdays, initially marked as Saturday Night Football) during the last option piece of the time. Beginning around 2012, the Thursday Night Football bundle has started during the second seven day stretch of the NFL season;

the NFL The opening shot Game and the NFL on Thanksgiving are both transmission as a component of NBC Sports’ Sunday Night Football contract and are excluded from Thursday Night Football, albeit the Thanksgiving early evening game was beforehand essential for the bundle from 2006 until 2011.

thursday night football
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In 2014, the NFL(thursday night football) moved the bundle to another model to expand its noticeable quality. The whole TNF bundle would be delivered by a different rightsholder, who might hold privileges to simulcast a part of the bundle on their individual organization. CBS was the first rightsholder under this model, circulating nine games on broadcast TV, and delivering the rest of the bundle to air solely on NFL Organization to fulfill its carriage arrangements.

The bundle was likewise reached out to Week 16 of the time, and incorporated another Saturday doubleheader split among CBS and NFL Organization. On January 18, 2015, CBS and NFL Organization broadened a similar game plan briefly season. In 2016 and 2017, the NFL went on with a comparable plan, yet adding NBC as a second rightsholder close by CBS, with each organization circulating five games on broadcast TV each. In 2018, the rights moved to Fox, through the 2022 season.

In 2016, the NFL additionally started to sub-permit advanced streaming privileges to the transmission TV piece of the bundle to outsiders, starting with Twitter in 2016, and Amazon in 2017 — at first on Prime Video, and later being conveyed uninhibitedly on Amazon-claimed live streaming stage Jerk.

In 2021, it was declared that Amazon had procured the elite freedoms to Thursday Night Football starting in the 2023 season under the NFL(thursday night football)’s new communicating bargains, denoting the initial occasion when the NFL had sold one of its fundamental TV bundles to a computerized media organization. NFL Organization and Fox surrendered the last time of the current agreement to Amazon, bringing about its inclusion sending off in 2022. As in the past, the games are all additionally spilled for nothing on Jerk, and nearby transmission TV slots in the business sectors of the rival groups according to NFL rules.

Likewise with any remaining broadly broadcast games, they are additionally continued radio as a feature of the NFL on Westwood One Games bundle.



Early history

The NFL(thursday night football) Organization’s inclusion was not whenever that NFL first games were covered on Thursday or Saturday. ABC broadcast infrequent Thursday night games from 1978 to 1986 as a feature of its Monday Night Football bundle. Before the new agreement, ESPN conveyed a modest bunch of irregular Thursday night games (normally those dislodged from Sunday night) and the transmission networks used to air a few public games on Saturday evenings in mid-to-late December after the school football customary season finished.

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It just so happens, the main explanation the league is even permitted to broadcast thursday night football match-ups on Saturday night comes from a legitimate proviso: the league’s antitrust exclusion, the Games Broadcasting Demonstration of 1961, was composed when the NFL(thursday night football) normal season finished in mid-December, and thusly, it contains explicit language that disallows broadcasting NFL(thursday night football) games in many business sectors on Friday evenings and the entire day on Saturdays between the second seven day stretch of September and the second seven day stretch of December, to safeguard secondary school and school football.

Since most secondary school and school seasons have finished by mid-December, other than bowl games, there has been little craving to close this escape clause, despite the fact that the normal season has extended well past mid-December since the law’s entry.

2014–2015: partnership with CBS Sports

In January 2014, it was accounted for that the NFL(thursday night football) was wanting to sub-permit a bundle of up to eight Thursday Night Football match-ups to one more telecaster for the 2014 season. The league had haggled with its current transmission accomplices, alongside Turner Sports. These eight games were to be simulcast by NFL Organization, and reports demonstrated that ESPN wanted to put the games on ABC in the occasion it won the privileges, taking the NFL back to the organization interestingly since Super Bowl XL and the move of Monday Night Football to ESPN in 2006.

The leftover games would stay elite to NFL Organization, to fulfill carriage concurrences with TV suppliers ensuring a base number of games to air solely on the channel. The choice came as the league wished to uplift the profile of its Thursday night football games, which had experienced generally lower viewership and promoting income in contrast with different games.

thursday night football
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Right after the contention encompassing Ravens player Beam Rice (who had been eliminated from the group and suspended from the NFL(thursday night football) before soon after the revelation of film showing the player actually attacking his better half, Janay, who was locked in to Rice at the time the surveillance camera film was recorded), changes were made to pre-game inclusion on the principal game to oblige extra meetings and conversation connected with the occurrence.

Among these progressions were the evacuation of an early on section highlighting Rihanna (who was correspondingly attacked by individual entertainer Chris Brown in 2009) playing out her tune “Run This Town”. Following objections by Rihanna on Twitter with respect to the evacuation, the melody was pulled from future transmissions.

The freedoms were haggled under a one-year agreement esteemed at $275 million; on January 18, 2015, the NFL(thursday night football) declared that it would recharge the game plan with CBS for the 2015 season, with its worth expanding to around $300 million.

2016–2017: CBS, NBC, and tri-cast with Twitter and Amazon Prime Video

In November 2015, The Hollywood Correspondent detailed that because of the progress of the bundle under CBS, the NFL was wanting to arrange a drawn out agreement for Thursday Night Football, with CBS, Fox, NBC, and Turner Sports showing interest. The New York Post revealed that this arrangement would likewise remember the offer of a stake for NFL Organization itself.

On December 16, 2015, it was accounted for that the NFL was shopping the Thursday Night Football bundle as a one-year manage a possibility for a subsequent year, likewise to the ongoing plan with CBS; the league likewise mentioned that bidders frame objectives for “developing” NFL Organization. The league was additionally allegedly keen on offering non-select computerized privileges to simulcast the games to another accomplice, like, Macintosh Inc., Google, or Hurray! (which solely streamed a Worldwide Series as a component of a preliminary during the 2015 season, yet would close down its unique video content help in January 2016).

In January 2016, it was accounted for that the NFL was thinking about parting the Thursday Night Football bundle across numerous telecasters couple with the chance of extending the general bundle to 17 games. It was additionally detailed that ESPN and Turner Sports were not inspired by the bundle because of its transient nature, and that Fox was endeavoring to outbid CBS.

The November 16, 2017 broadcast between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans was the main NFL broadcast to deliberately involve the Skycam as its essential camera point, rather than the standard sideline camera that has been utilized since broadcasts of NFL games started in 1939. NBC Sports had recently changed to a skycam-just show for parts of two Sunday night games prior that season due to haze and smoke (and, sixteen years earlier, during its inclusion of the XFL); positive response to the improvised change provoked NBC to try different things with involving the methodology for the full game. The Skycam Point was likewise utilized for the December 14 broadcast between the Denver Mustangs and the Indianapolis Yearlings.

2018–2021: Fox and Amazon Prime Video

Toward the beginning of January 2018, Bloomberg announced that ABC/ESPN and Fox Sports had both made offers for the following Thursday Night Football bundle. Both Endlessly fox Sports 1 were named as likely source for the bundle in the Fox Sports bid, which was planned to exhibit Fox’s proceeded with obligation to sports after the offer of its diversion organizations to ESPN’s greater part proprietor The Walt Disney Organization (which barred the Fox network itself and Fox Sports’ public tasks, like FS1, among different resources).

CBS and NBC were likewise thinking about recharging their current agreements, however had mentioned a lower rights charge to make up for the diminishing viewership of the NFL (Thursday Night Football had been refered to as one figure the slump, because of an apparent oversaturation of broadly broadcast games). It was likewise revealed that the NFL(thursday night football) would likewise permit computerized organizations to make offers for selective freedoms to the Thursday Night Football bundle which forego a TV accomplice completely, dissimilar to the past non-elite arrangements with Twitter and Amazon.

On April 29, 2020, Amazon recharged its advanced privileges through the 2022 season, keeping up with the TNF simulcasts and computerized content, and furthermore adding elite global freedoms to one late-season game per-season beyond the bundle (which will be delivered by CBS). For its simulcasts, Amazon supplanted the English feed with a new “Scout’s Feed” with expanded investigation by Bucky Creeks and Daniel Jeremiah (similar to the ESPN “film room” broadcasts of school football match-ups), and “NFL Next Live” on Jerk (with watcher intelligence).

On October 19, due to a Coronavirus flare-up including the Tennessee Titans, the initially planned Thursday Night game between the Kansas City Bosses and the Bison Bills, was moved to the next Monday because of the Titans playing the Bills the past Tuesday. The Bosses won 26-17. In a comparable move, the Baltimore Ravens had their planned Week 13 Thursday Night Football game against the Dallas Cattle rustlers deferred to the next Tuesday.

The Ravens had managed their own episode, which included positive tests from players including ruling MVP Lamar Jackson. Consequently, the Ravens needed to defer their Thanksgiving game against the Pittsburgh Steelers multiple times, the initial time was initially delayed to the Sunday subsequent to Thanksgiving in the early evening, then, at that point, delayed a second opportunity to the next Tuesday night, then deferred again to the next Wednesday in the early evening.

The deferments constrained the Steelers’ Week 13 game against the Washington Football Crew to be moved from Sunday, December 6, to Monday, December 7, and as referenced, the Cattle rustlers Ravens game a day after the fact, with the two games staying on NFL Organization, Fox, and Prime Video.

2022–2033: Amazon Prime Video

In Walk 2021, Amazon procured selective privileges to Thursday Night Football as a feature of the following round of NFL broadcasting arrangements from 2023 through 2033. NFL Organization, Fox, and Amazon in this way quit the last year of the momentum understanding, implying that Amazon’s privileges would start in the 2022 NFL(thursday night football) season instead.

Alongside lead in depth host Al Michaels, Sunday Night Football maker Fred Gaudelli moved from NBC to Amazon; Gaudelli made sense of that his creation worked under a thought that they expected to deliver a “fantastic” broadcast before they could begin “breaking things and being unique”, as NFL watchers had explicit assumptions regarding how a game ought to be communicated. Jared Stacy, Amazon’s head of worldwide live games creation, expressed that they were “moved by our initiative to sort out what’s straightaway and to take a few swings”. Gaudelli went similarly as proposing that the on-field down and distance realistic utilize Amazon’s “grin” image as an arrow.

Amazon will utilize 13 “super slo-mo” cameras, two Skycams, and Runner ball following. Pinar Toprak made new signature music for the broadcasts. Highlights from the past simulcasts of Thursday Night Football on Amazon stages will return, including X-Beam, and broadcasts on Jerk. Amazon likewise designs substitute transmissions for Prime Video and Jerk, for example, one that includes the games parody group Buddy Awesome.

Amazon conveyed a preseason game on August 25, 2022, highlighting the San Francisco 49ers at the Houston Texans. The primary ordinary season game on September 15, 2022 included the Los Angeles Chargers at the Kansas City Bosses. Nielsen revealed a normal of 13 million watchers across totally estimated stages, which were in accordance with the typical numbers that were accumulated by Fox’s Thursday Night Football communicates in the 2021 season, and an increment of 5,000,000 over that year’s season opener (which was a NFL Organization elite game).

On October 18, 2022, the NFL declared that Thursday Night Football would include a game the Friday in the wake of Thanksgiving starting in 2023.

Results of Thursday Night Football

Team Games Played Wins Losses Ties Win Pct. First Appearance Most Recent Appearance
Indianapolis Colts 16 12 4 .733 November 22, 2007
defeated Atlanta 31–13
October 6, 2022
defeated Denver 12-9 (OT)
Kansas City Chiefs 13 10 3 .750 November 23, 2006
defeated Denver 19–10
September 15, 2022
defeated L.A. Chargers 27-24
Pittsburgh Steelers 14 9 5 .692 December 7, 2006
defeated Cleveland 27–7
September 22, 2022
lost to Cleveland 29-17
New York Jets 16 6 10 .375 November 13, 2008
defeated New England 34–31
November 4, 2021
lost to Indianapolis 45-30
Los Angeles Chargers** 13 7 6 .583 December 4, 2008
defeated Oakland 34–7
September 15, 2022
lost to Kansas City 27-24
Dallas Cowboys 15 10 5 .667 December 16, 2006
defeated Atlanta 38–28
December 2, 2021
defeated New Orleans 27-17
Philadelphia Eagles 10 6 4 .600 November 27, 2008
defeated Arizona 48–20
October 14, 2021
lost to Tampa Bay 28-22
New York Giants 10 4 6 .400 December 30, 2006
defeated Washington 34–28
September 16, 2021
lost to Washington 30-29
San Francisco 49ers 17 9 8 .530 December 14, 2006
defeated Seattle 24–14
December 23, 2021
lost to Tennessee 20-17
Denver Broncos 17 7 10 .438 November 23, 2006
lost to Kansas City 19–10
October 7, 2022
lost to Indianapolis 12-9 (OT)
Atlanta Falcons 13 9 4 .692 December 16, 2006
lost to Dallas 38–28
November 18, 2021
lost to New England 25–0
Chicago Bears 13 6 7 .500 December 6, 2007
lost to Washington 24–16
October 13, 2022
lost to Washington 12-7
Baltimore Ravens 15 10 5 .667 November 30, 2006
lost to Cincinnati 13–7
November 11, 2021
lost to Miami 22-10
Seattle Seahawks 11 8 3 .728 December 14, 2006
lost to San Francisco 24–14
October 7, 2021
lost to L.A. Rams 26-17
Green Bay Packers 11 9 2 .818 December 21, 2006
defeated Minnesota 9–7
December 25, 2021
defeated Cleveland 24-22
Arizona Cardinals 15 5 10 .286 November 27, 2008
lost to Philadelphia 48–20
October 20, 2022
defeated New Orleans 42-34
Washington Commanders**** 10 5 5 .500 December 30, 2006
lost to N.Y. Giants 34–28
October 13, 2022
defeated Chicago 30-29
New England Patriots 12 9 3 .750 December 29, 2007
defeated N.Y. Giants 38–35
December 18, 2021
lost to Indianapolis 27–17
Miami Dolphins 13 7 6 .583 November 19, 2009
defeated Carolina 24–17
September 29, 2022
lost to Cincinnati 27-15
Detroit Lions 3 1 2 .333 December 3, 2015
lost to Green Bay 27–23
December 26, 2020
lost to Tampa Bay 47–7
Houston Texans 11 5 6 .455 December 13, 2007
defeated Denver 31–13
September 23, 2021
lost to Carolina 24-9
Las Vegas Raiders*** 14 7 7 .500 December 23, 2006
lost to Kansas City 20–9
December 20, 2021
defeated Cleveland 16-14
Cleveland Browns 15 8 7 .500 December 7, 2006
lost to Pittsburgh 27–7
September 22, 2022
defeated Pittsburgh 29-17
Cincinnati Bengals 12 5 7 .417 November 30, 2006
defeated Baltimore 13–7
September 29, 2022
defeated Miami 27-15
Carolina Panthers 15 5 10 .333 December 22, 2007
lost to Dallas 20–13
September 23, 2021
defeated Houston 24-9
Jacksonville Jaguars 14 4 10 .286 December 18, 2008
lost to Indianapolis 31–24
September 30, 2021
lost to Cincinnati 24-21
Tennessee Titans 12 5 7 .417 December 25, 2009
lost to San Diego 42–17
December 23, 2021
defeated San Francisco 20-17
New Orleans Saints 11 4 7 .400 December 11, 2008
lost to Chicago 27–24
October 20, 2022
lost to Arizona 27-17
Buffalo Bills 9 3 6 .333 December 3, 2009
lost to N.Y. Jets 19–13
December 19, 2020
defeated Denver 48-19
Los Angeles Rams* 12 5 7 .417 December 20, 2007
lost to Pittsburgh 41–24
October 7, 2021
defeated Seattle 26–17
Minnesota Vikings 8 3 5 .375 December 21, 2006
lost to Green Bay 9–7
December 9, 2021
defeated Pittsburgh 36-28
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13 4 9 .308 December 17, 2011
lost to Dallas 31–15
October 14, 2021
defeated Philadelphia 28-22

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