Tips and tricks for smartphone photographers on World Photography Day 2022

Clean Lens If you clean your smartphone lens, you will get surprisingly fresh and clear images, after the click.

Focus by tapping the screen Cameras automatically recognize focus. A clear scene lets you focus on a person if you are focusing on him.

Do not use flash all-time Use the flash feature with caution. A flash does not produce flattering daytime images.

Set the brightness manually The brightness of the exposure can be changed by tapping on the screen and swiping up or down on a fairly modern smartphone.

Be creative with it! Arrangement of elements in a frame is considered composition. It is important to position the objects of focus carefully if you want to capture the finest details.

Be sure to follow the odds Group your subjects in odd numbers like three, seven, or nine. When taking photos, have a group of people lined up in odd numbers.

Tilt the lens straight You can use the grid on your camera to balance the horizons in the field by turning on the grid.

Utilize Leading Lines Get incredible photos by utilizing leading lines.

Select Natural Light Photographing in natural light would result in such pure images.

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