The 5 best Minecraft decoration mods for 2022

There are thousands of unique mods available in Minecraft. You'll be blown away by these Minecraft decoration mods

1. A furniture modification by Exline

With Exline's Furniture Mod mod, players are asked if they have the decorations they need for their empty houses.

2. Construct of Tinker

Construct of Tinker mod may not add as many new items or textures as other decoration add-ons, but it does allow for a lot of customization.

3. Crafting with candy

There is a lot of allure to Candy Craft. Initially, it looks like a fun, bright resource pack, but that's exactly what Minecraft players get.

4. 3D Furnicraft

There are over 500 new furniture items in the 3D Furnicraft add-on, including dishes and other kitchen utensils.

5. Furniture Mod by MrCrayFish

There is no better decoration mod than MrCrayFish's Furniture Mod.Furniture add-ons are the most common and most popular in the game.