The Stranger Things Surfer Boy Pizza number might have caught your eye since you've seen Argyle's yellow delivery van in the show.

The fake number is emblazoned on its side, but you might have forgotten it while Argyle was driving.

The phone number is 805-45-PIZZA or 805-457-4992.

If you call this "real" number, you'll hear Argyle's hilarious recording.

He may have wished you a happy birthday, but most people recall him recounting a long, complicated order.

If you want to call the number yourself, we won't spoil the whole Easter egg.

However, we got a different recording about pineapple pizza when we verified it still works.

Call 202-968-6161 to hear the Nina Project computer beeps and bloops.

Call 907-206-7700 for a recording of Yuri's Fish & Fly, which can be listened to online.

To hear Murray Bauman complain about his mother, call 618-625-8313.