Printer Cartridge Expiring Quickly? So save ink with these powerful tips


Save cartridges by removing the high resolution setting in the printer
Black and white print does not take less ink.
Arial Font uses more cartridges.

New Delhi. If your printer’s ink cartridge runs out quickly? So it is a matter of worry and more expense because printer ink comes very expensive. So if you do a lot of printing work, ink can cost a lot of money. If you want to avoid this extra expense, there are a few easy ways you can save without sacrificing high quality printing.

This method can help make each of your printing jobs more economical. It may also happen that you are unaware about the extra expenditure due to ignoring these things. So follow these powerful tips to save ink quickly.

Check Printer Output
Due to some default options, your printer is set for high resolution. It uses more ink even if you don’t need it. So if you often print photos or marketing slips, advertisements, etc., set it to high quality. Otherwise, there is no need for this print setting for email, notes, or other tasks.

Select grayscale option
If you think that printing black and white consumes less ink, then you are wrong. Unless you select the ‘Grayscale only’ option, your printer will continue to deliver higher quality prints than required.

choose the right font
Different fonts use different amounts of ink. For example, Arial is the most popular font. But it uses 27% more cartridges than Calibri, Gothic or Classic Times New Roman.

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Printer maintenance is essential
Printer jams and dirty printheads can cause cartridge leakage. In many circumstances, it can even damage the printer. Therefore, from time to time, go to your nearest software center and get its regular maintenance done.

Preview before printing
Before you print anything, use the preview option and fix possible mistakes. Also, check all the settings available in the print option.

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