New Governance Structure Announced by RJC Engineers

New Governance Structure Announced by RJC Engineers  Governance Structure

An engineering firm celebrating its 75th anniversary, RJC Engineers (RJC), announces a recent leadership change. As part of its legacy of bringing engineering excellence to industry and clients across Canada, RJC has implemented a new governance structure. Board of Directors and a dedicated executive team are part of the new structure. For almost 75 years, RJC has supported people, clients, and communities. Jeff Rabinovitch, board chair, said, “We have an impressive history and a strong vision for the future”. It is with great pleasure that I announce this new Governance structure, which will benefit not only RJC, but also our industry and clients. As a leader in creativity and excellence in our industry, our board members and executive team are critical to our continued success.

In order to fulfill the firm’s strategic plan, the new governance structure focuses its resources, priorities, and programs. The five-year strategic plan ignites a path forward for RJC.

As industry thought leaders and trusted advisors, this governance structure and strategic plan represent the collective strength of RJC. In order to benefit both our clients and our people, we have the right people and leadership in place.

Here are the members of the Board of Directors:

  • Terry Bergen – Managing Principal in Victoria
  • Michael Blackman – Principal and Regional Manager in Kelowna
  • Bryan Colvin – Managing Principal in Calgary
  • Chris Davis – Principal in Calgary
  • Jeff Rabinovitch – Board Chair, Principal in Edmonton
  • Bill Gladu – Secretary, Principal in Toronto
  • John Kooymans – Principal in Toronto

All Board members are Principals with excellent leadership skills and business acumen, making them a powerful team to guide and oversee the firm.The board’s chair brings nearly three decades of industry experience as well as leadership skills.

The Executive Committee consists of:

  • Joette Decore – Executive Principal in Edmonton
  • Mike Moffatt – Executive Principal in Toronto
  • Roger Steers – Executive Principal in Vancouver and Surrey

They bring a wealth of industry knowledge, experience, and trust to the Executive Committee. RJC welcomes experienced executive and management consultant Joette Decore as an Executive Principal, bringing expertise in corporate transformations, strategy, human resources, and governance.

As an employee-owned engineering firm, RJC celebrates creative thinking, prompt service, and technical excellence. Our services include structural engineering, structural restoration, building science, parking facility design, structural glass engineering, and building energy modelling. Across Canada, RJC has 14 locations with over 650 people.

Over seven decades, RJC has integrated ingenuity and practicality to create success for their clients and projects. Canada’s landmark buildings have been built by RJC.

RJC Engineers is an employee-owned engineering firm committed to creative thinking, prompt service, and technical excellence. For over seven decades, RJC has combined ingenuity and practicality to create success for their clients and their projects. As a structural engineering firm, RJC offers structural restoration, structural glass engineering, building science, parking facility design, and building energy modelling services. Visit for information on RJC’s locations, leadership, projects, services, and contact information.

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