National Cherry Day 2022: If You Want To Give Yourself Tasty Treats, Try Cherry Shots


Cherry is helpful in taking sound sleep
Cherry acts as a brain booster

Cherry Shots Cherry Shots : Cherry is such a fruit, which hardly anyone likes, need instant energy or desire to eat sour and sweet fruits. This small red fruit fulfills our wish very well. Growing in cold places, this fruit is beneficial for health in many ways. Today i.e. 16th July is celebrated as National Cherry Day.

In such webmade Today we tell you what are the benefits of including cherries in your diet. According to a report published in WebMed, cherries are rich in antioxidant properties. Cherry plays an important role in healing the day to day damaged cells in our body. Apart from these, cherry also proves to be effective in curing diabetes, post workout energy and inflammation.

How to include cherries in the diet?
After knowing the benefits of including cherries in the diet, the question must have come in your mind that how can it be included in your diet with different flavors. Today we tell you how you can make cherry shots to include cherries in the diet. It is very easy to make. Along with giving energy to your body, it will also control your appetite. If you want to include cherries in your diet, then let’s know the instant recipe of cherry shots.

Cherries – 200 grams
Mint leaves – 8 to 10 leaves
Chaat masala – 1 tsp
Black salt – tsp
Honey – 1 tsp
Ice – as needed

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How to make Cherry Shots
Wash and clean the cherries. Now break its stem and chop it finely and remove its seeds and separate them. When all the cherries are cut, then add mint leaves, honey, black salt and chaat masala and grind them well. If you do not like thick shots, then after adding half to one cup, grind these things in the mixer for one to one and a half minutes. Now take it out in a shot glass and serve it with ice on top.

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