Mood swing problem occurs in the fifth week of pregnancy, these changes come in the body


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Food cravings increase in pregnancy

Body Changes During Pregnancy
Pregnancy is a chance to enjoy the joy of having one to two. When the parents to be born get the news of this, their mind blossoms. The fifth week of pregnancy is the time when you have missed your period and you start thinking about getting pregnant.

In the fifth week of pregnancy, the embryo is about 2 mm in size, in which the number of its cells starts increasing. At this stage you might feel a little different, but big changes are taking place inside your uterus. The effect of which gradually starts showing outside as well. Let us know about those changes in the body.

How does the second month of pregnancy start
what to expect According to this, women have a lot of problem of mood swings at 5 weeks of pregnancy. She is happy in one moment, irritable in another moment. In the fifth week of pregnancy, mood swings can range from loneliness, sadness, anger, happiness to feelings of insecurity.

Sometimes all these emotions can be felt within an hour or two. During pregnancy, the hormone levels in your body are constantly increasing. Because of this, your emotions are constantly changing, but there is no need to worry about it, because it is very common to have mood swings in pregnancy.

Fetal development at 5 weeks pregnancy
At 5 weeks pregnant, the size of the fetus is as big as an orange seed. During this, the neural tube, which will connect the baby’s brain to its spinal cord, has been formed. Only then does the development of the baby begin. Your baby’s small heart is the first organ that develops and starts functioning. However, where there are four chambers in a fully developed heart, there is only one chamber at 5 weeks of pregnancy. During this, the heart of the child is beating at the rate of 100 per minute.

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In 5 weeks of pregnancy, women have to take great care of themselves. During this, along with the internal development, development is visible in the external body of the baby as well. The bulges that develop as the arms of the baby become blurry. During this time, women also start feeling pain in the breast. Around this time, doctors also tell the possible date of birth of the child.

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