‘It is necessary to teach China a lesson’, US lawmakers decided in favor of India on CAATSA

Washington. The whole world is troubled by the attitude of expansionist China. To stop China, America has taken a big decision in favor of India. The US House of Representatives has approved a proposal to amend the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Now US lawmakers have no objection to India buying arms from Russia.

Actually, American Member of parliament Ro Khanna had demanded that India be exempted from the restrictions under the CAATSA Act. Under this law, America takes preventive measures against the purchase of weapons from its rival countries.

Nothing is more important than the US-India partnership

On this occasion, Ro Khanna said, “America should stand with India in view of China’s increasingly aggressive attitude.” “This amendment is very important and I am proud to see that it has been passed with the support of both the parties,” he said. Nothing is more important in America’s strategic interest than the US-India partnership.

What is CAATSA law?

Under this law, America takes preventive measures against the purchase of weapons from its rival countries. The US imposes sanctions under CAATSA on countries that have transactions with Iran, North Korea or Russia. Even after the approval of the House of Representatives, this proposal is not yet part of the law. To give it legal recognition, the proposal has to be passed in both houses of the US Parliament.

The threat from China was cited

The US is considering action under the CTSA Act due to India buying the S-500 missile defense system from Russia. Taking India’s side in this matter, Ro Khanna had said that India needs heavy Russian weapon systems for its defense needs. Therefore, he should be given exemption from restrictions under CAATSA.

Given the close partnership between Russia and China, it would be in the best interest of the US-India defense partnership to deter attackers. In October 2018, India signed a $5.43 billion deal with Russia for 5 squadrons of S-400 air defense systems. (agency input)

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