Is Twitch going to ban gambling streams after more controversy?

Is Twitch going to ban gambling? After controversies continue to pile up and gain visibility on the streaming platform, many are asking that question.

Many Twitch streamers dedicate entire live broadcasts to wagering large amounts of money on sponsoring gambling sites. Twitch’s growing category is also a source of controversy, with the streaming community concerned about the influence these streamers have on their predominantly young audience.

In light of the controversy surrounding gambling, will Twitch ban it?

Does Twitch allow gambling?

Twitch going to ban gambling
Twitch going to ban gambling ?

A sponsorship with a gambling company has led many top streamers into the world of gambling. Streamers Adin Ross and Felix “xQc” Lengyel recently admitted to wagering over $600K on digital slots. With xQc’s excessive gambling, even his own father has become concerned.

Twitch streamers Pokimane Anys and Amouranth have expressed distaste for gambling.

We should allow worse things because other things that are less bad are legal [on Twitch]? A society that is productive cannot operate on logic like that. It should be the other way around. “Anti-gamba and anti-microtransactions are taking advantage of people,” Pokimane said.

While Twitch has a significant gambling community, it has remained largely confined to the streaming community. While Twitch has a significant gambling community, it has remained largely confined to the streaming community.

As gambling becomes more widely discussed, some in the streaming community wonder if Twitch will finally do something about it after receiving bad press. Twitch, according to Bloomberg, is “currently in the midst” of studying gambling behaviors on its platform and potential actions.

Currently, Twitch streams cannot promote direct links to gambling websites. In addition to protecting its viewers from potential harm, Twitch is apparently exploring other options.The gambling category may be controlled more strictly by Twitch in the future, but so far no specific plans have been made public.


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