Google Search brought a new feature, information about celebrities will be available in a new way


  • Google Search has brought a new feature.
  • This feature has started for select users.
  • Roll out will happen soon for the rest.

New Delhi. Google is bringing a new feature to its search engine. With the arrival of this feature, the way of searching celebrities on the platform will completely change. Currently, this feature is being worked on and it is in the testing stage. Actually, after the introduction of this feature, after searching about well-known people, you will see rich cards before the top result.

These cards will provide you with better information about celebrities. Celebrity names will be present at the bottom of these rich card search pages. At present, this feature is active for a select few users and will soon be rolled out for others as well.

Feature has started for select users
This new feature of Google Search has currently started for select users and it is active only for a few selected celebrities. It is worth noting that no information has been given by Google about this test. There is also no information about whether this test will be live on Google Search’s mobile app or not.

On searching, you will find rich card under the name
After the introduction of the new feature, when celebrities are searched on Google, five rich cards come under their names. The first card is the largest, which gives information about the celebrity. The remaining four cards are different for each celebrity. It is worth noting that the new feature of Google Search was first seen by SEO Consultant Brodie Clark.

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Many tabs will be found near the name
At the same time, tabs like Overview, Movies, Videos, News, TV Shows and Relationship are found near the name of the celebrity. On clicking on these, information related to the same category comes out. If you search for Sharukh Khan on Google, the first card will show the information available on Wikipedia along with a big picture of him. At the same time, the age of the celebrity will be seen in the second card, a video interview in the third and news will be seen in the rest.

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