Do not consider coconut peels useless, from gardening to cleaning will come in handy

Coconut Husk When we bring coconut to make coconut chutney at home or use in cooking, then remove its skin and throw it away. But let us tell you that in many places in our country these peels are used in many ways. Actually they are organic and they do not rot. If you keep these dry and fibrous peels here and there for months, even then bacteria do not grow in them. So you can use them for many things. Come, today we tell you which work you can make easy with the help of coconut peel.

Use of coconut husks

For cleaning
With the help of coconut peel, you can clean many things. These are good scrubbers in which you can shine the utensils by adding soap. Not only this, you can clean any hard surface by rubbing it. You can also wash them after cleaning and use them again.

In gardening
If you break these coconut peels before filling the soil in the pots, then the plants will not rot due to the water in the pot. Not only this, if you mix it in the soil of the plants, then there will be porous in the soil, which can be used to give moisture to the plants for a long time. Apart from this, the nutrients of coconut are also beneficial for the plants.

Make a craft or decoration
You can make a bird’s nest with coconut husks and decorate it. Apart from this, you can also make DIY crafts from it and show your creativity.

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Body scrub
You dry and grind the coconut peels and store it in a box. Whenever you need a scrubber, take a spoon in your hand and scrub the body.

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