Business Opportunity : Drumstick cultivation is a treasure of wealth along with health, earn profits for many years by applying it once!


There is a great demand for drumstick beans and leaves in the market.
About 50 thousand rupees are spent on planting drumstick in one acre.
By planting its crop in one acre, an income of Rs 3 lakh can be obtained in a year.

New Delhi. The awareness of Ayurveda and Naturopathy among the people has increased the demand for medicinal plants. This is the reason that people today are earning well by cultivating and trading these plants. If your intention is also to make farming your profession, then you should cultivate drumstick. The profit from drumstick cultivation, which gives less investment, less effort and good profits in a short time, can be gauged from the fact that now many companies have started getting its contract forming.

There is a great demand for drumstick beans and leaves in the market. To capitalize on this demand, companies have now started getting Drumstick Contract Farming done. This plant can also be planted in barren land. Also it can tolerate cold. Due to the cultivation of legumes twice a year, earning from it is also good. Drumstick plant starts giving yield only after ten months of planting and once planted it gives production for four years.

Do drumstick cultivation like this
If you want to cultivate Drumstick (Sahjan Ki Kheti), then first of all find out its modern and high yielding seeds. In Uttar Pradesh, there is a variety named Jyoti-1, which gives a lot of legumes. If you prepare plants from these seeds and plant these plants in the field, then it will be better. 540 saplings are planted in one acre. If you do irrigation in drumstick cultivation by drip irrigation method, then a lot of water will be saved. However, you will have to incur additional expenses for irrigation by drip method. It can also be cultivated on barren land. By making a pond of water on such land, you can cultivate drumstick by drip method. Before planting the plants, definitely put cow dung or compost in the pits.

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How much will you earn?
The drumstick tree bears pods twice a year. In the first year itself, about 40-50 kg drumstick is available from each plant in a year. As the plant grows, its weight increases. In the first year, you will get 200 quintals of beans comfortably from 540 plants. If they are sold in bulk for Rs 15 a kg, then Rs 3 lakh will be earned from one acre. About 50 thousand rupees are spent on the cultivation of drumstick in the first year. After this the expenditure would have been reduced for three years because there was no planting of trees.

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