17 Non-Penetrative Sex Toys From Lovehoney In Case That’s Not Your Thing

Promising review: “I LOVE these. They are small and discreet, and don’t look like they would do much, but don’t be fooled — they have really good suction, and make my nipples puff up nicely, becoming extra sensitive. If you use them for long enough, that sensation can last quite a while — I once wore them for about two hours, re-suctioning them occasionally to make it more intense, and my nipples were perky and sensitive for two days after that, which made for some fun times! If you find they come off/don’t suction well, some lube helps with that. The suction on them is nice and gentle at first, not painful like a clamp, but if you want to add in some pain, these are good to get your nipples extra sensitive before clamping. They are a nice soft material, and the color-change effect is fun. Really easy to use, and good for people that are just dipping their toe (or nipple? LOL!) into BDSM-type play.” —Anon

Price: $16.99 (also available in green)

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